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Joining Hands in Gospel Outreach

In obedience to the Great Commission, as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ to "go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19-20), we are privileged to spotlight (and in this way partner with) missions dedicated to spreading the Gospel and serving the Kingdom. Each mission we support is deeply committed to reaching the lost, nurturing new believers, and planting seeds of faith across diverse communities. By featuring these missions, we aim to not only broaden their reach but also inspire our community to contribute, whether through prayer, participation, or providence. This collaborative effort is a testament to the power of unity in Christ's body—working together to bring light to the darkest corners of the world. Join us in these vital endeavors to manifest the love and teachings of Jesus, fulfilling our sacred duty to witness and serve globally.

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We warmly invite you to share recommendations of ministries that echo our commitment to the Great Commission. If you know of missions that are faithfully working to advance the Gospel and serve communities in the spirit of Christ’s teachings, please bring them to our attention. By suggesting new partners, you contribute to the broadening of our collective impact and aid in our mission to light up the world with the love of Jesus. Together, let us continue to build a network that reaches every corner of the earth with His hope and salvation. To recommend a ministry, please justin@ccrmin.com, and join us in this vital kingdom work.