Book Cover featuring C.H. Spurgeon - a modern english edition of the classicBook Cover featuring C.H. Spurgeon - a modern english edition of the classic

📖 "All of Grace: Modern English Edition" by C.H. Spurgeon 📖

🌟 Dive into the timeless wisdom of C.H. Spurgeon, now in modern English for today's readers!

🔹 Purpose: This book aims to guide readers towards salvation, with full trust in the Holy Spirit's power. Whether you're a seeker or a believer looking to deepen your faith, these words are meant for you.

🔹 Dedication: A heartfelt dedication to Pastor Jim Thornton and the congregation of Reformed Faith Presbyterian Church in Clarksville, TN.

🔹 Contents Include:

  • Understanding Faith

  • The Role of the Holy Spirit

  • The Path to Peace

  • Repentance & Forgiveness

  • And much more!

🔹 A Message from the Author: "This is my fountain, and this is my cup. You can find fault if you want, but please, drink from the water of life. That's all I truly care about. I’d rather touch the heart of the humblest person on the street than please royalty and not guide them to God."

Please note, if the book you see on Amazon does not have the cover image you see here, then it is not our Modern English Edition but a public domain reprinting of the original.

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