Book Cover featuring C.H. Spurgeon - a modern english edition of the classicBook Cover featuring C.H. Spurgeon - a modern english edition of the classic

C.H. Spurgeon's All of Grace: Modern English Edition

Edited by Justin Hoke

Dive into the timeless wisdom of Charles Spurgeon, brought to life for the modern reader. This edition of "All of Grace" has been meticulously updated to resonate with today's audience while preserving the profound theology and message of the original.

Justin Hoke presents a work that not only offers a precise presentation of the gospel but also illuminates the profound depths of God's grace and the justifying work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. This book is more than just a classic revisited; it's a guide for believers at all stages of their spiritual journey.

Ideal for new believers and church membership classes, this edition serves as a testament to the enduring power of God's Word and the transformative nature of His grace. Dive in and rediscover the beauty of grace, all over again.

Please note, if the book you see on Amazon does not have the cover image you see here, then it is not our Modern English Edition but a public domain reprinting of the original.

470 Bible Trivia Questions

by Justin Hoke

Engage your family and friends in the joy of learning God's Word with "470 Bible Trivia Questions"! This fun and accessible book is perfect for enlivening family worship, Bible study sessions, and gatherings. With a wide range of questions spanning from Genesis to Revelation, this book offers something for everyone, regardless of age or biblical knowledge.

The questions are thoughtfully crafted to be both educational and entertaining, helping you dive deeper into the rich themes and stories of Scripture. Organized by topic, the book allows you to easily find questions related to specific events, characters, or teachings. From the creation of the world to the life of Jesus, the wisdom of Proverbs to the prophecies of Revelation, each section will challenge and inspire you.

Whether you're a parent looking to engage your children, a youth leader seeking to energize your group, or an individual wanting to test your biblical understanding, "470 Bible Trivia Questions" is an invaluable resource. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey through the Bible that will strengthen your faith and bring you closer to God's Word!

a book cover with a colorful background and a questionnairea book cover with a colorful background and a questionnaire

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